Thursday, June 30, 2011

The peoples in their lives, have narrowly escaped death.


"The peoples in their lives, have narrowly escaped death.
Have realized that having too much confidence in themselves or someone else could be wrong.
That we can sometimes get lost seeking reassurance.
That trust should require as many checks than a passport.
That in our lifetime, we can be present in all the memories.
But only after our death, we often part of prehistory. "
BY : Avilon Joel  

Monday, June 27, 2011

I find it ironic that sometimes people who say they love you.


"It is sometimes hard to find.
We are often surrounded.
By people who pretend, but by which we are not really loved.
Who often think that merely sought to use you.
And do not often seek from you.
Most of the time only benefit.
I find it ironic that sometimes people who say they love you.
Voluble in their words , but short on action when it is a question to support you.
Unfortunately, those who will one day be brought to beg and beg.
Will see and realize that in life, as only they themselves they can rely on.
In the lives of too many illusions, do not be lulled.
Because often in the morning, the harsh reality can be hard to take."
BY : Avilon Joel Moustapha

Monday, June 20, 2011

Hard to love.


"Hard to love.
When we find it hard to love ourselves.
Even if in our hearts, a huge gaping hole to fill.
Hard to love.
When we find it hard to love ourselves.
Because of lack of trust will have always , one that is complex.
Often his feelings they dare not confess for fear that they will not be shared.
Why in love as in life, there does it as much inequality ? .
Why, as in the tales, we can not provide the services of a fairy.
Why so hard, and sometimes deadly is the thought of being rejected.
Why we often have infatuated.
Of people who we never intended.
Hard to love.
When we can not love ourselves.
How to love and be loved by others.
When we can not love us ourselves."
BY : Avilon Joel Moustapha

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Some people, when we give them too much importance.


"Some people, when we show them too much importance.
Become arrogant and smug.
Sometimes has to be too attentive, we only receive indifference.
If one of your friends when it is a question of friendships made in the accounting.
And feels absolutely essential.
Or believes that whatever you're indebted to him.
So these people are part of people in your life are ejection.
Because if that is it for them true friendship, that is really pathetic.
In life, never believe stronger, smarter, more beautiful than another.
Because the claim is the shortcut, by which we wallow. "
BY : Avilon Joel Moustapha


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